Sony to release UX280P October 18


VGNUX280PSony employee Raphael Salgado let me know that Sony is internally stating the Vaio UX280P Micro PC will be available on October 18.  The VGN-280P is the next generation in the UX Micro PC line that has a 1.2 GHz Pentium M and ups the memory to 1 GB.  This new version retains the integrated EDGE capability and ships with a Cingular SIM card, and packs a 40 GB hard disk.  The UX280P is available now for pre-order on the SonyStyle site and will set you back $1999.99.  With all the trouble Sony is in over the flaming battery recall why don’t you just kick in the extra penny and give them an even $2,000 when you order yours.



Thank you DP for your retailers. I will check those before my trip in Florida.

And the Vista coupon is one more good point to take a 280P.

See you.


Remember also that since you are paying over $2000 that you will be purchasing a tiny computer that does everything a $500 computer can but that you can use on the train, the plane, and in the bathroom.
Sad how even educated and successful people can be so duped.


Soween, if the latest model, the UX280P, is like the previous model, the UX180P, then it will be available at many retailers selling Sony products, from, to, to places like Staples. It should be readily available by the time you get here in November.


I’m french (and a newbie on your website), and I have already an UX50 directfromjapan.

I’m really interested in the 280P, and I hope to find it at a better price than 2000$ (but by now : there is only one online shop…). I had almost sell my brand new UX50 for this one (just for the 1Gb).

I know icube, kurnspatrick, dynamism and japan website (without 180-280P), do you know more?
Because I will be in florida during november, and I want to try to buy it at this moment.
Thank you.

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