Sony to release UX280P October 18

VGNUX280PSony employee Raphael Salgado let me know that Sony is internally stating the Vaio UX280P Micro PC will be available on October 18.  The VGN-280P is the next generation in the UX Micro PC line that has a 1.2 GHz Pentium M and ups the memory to 1 GB.  This new version retains the integrated EDGE capability and ships with a Cingular SIM card, and packs a 40 GB hard disk.  The UX280P is available now for pre-order on the SonyStyle site and will set you back $1999.99.  With all the trouble Sony is in over the flaming battery recall why don’t you just kick in the extra penny and give them an even $2,000 when you order yours.


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