Newsgator Go! is a go for mobile feed reading

Newsgator_goHey, what’s the big idea? We work hard on a mobile-friendly feed and now Newsgator comes out with Newsgator Go! for mobile feeds. Well, in their defense, the Windows Mobile 2003 / 5.0 software lets you read ALL of your feeds on a mobile device. But wait, our feed is free! Oh wait…they have a 30 day free trial download so you can try it before spending $29.95 for the license. Yeah? Well ours synchs ALL of your feeds stored in the Newsgator family of products…no…actually, that’s their functionality, not ours after all.

While you go an download the free trial (like I just did), I’m going to hang my head in shame now. Go ahead…carry on your mobile RSS day without me…sniff, sniff.

(via MobileCrunch with a tip by Dave)


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