Joint Blu-Ray and HD-DVD Format Patent Filed By Warner Bros. Employees

This could help in bringing together the two factions at war over the next DVD format: a patent application has been filed for a disc that would play these two formats together…the resulting disc, which would likely require royalty payments to patent holders on all three types of DVD technology, would be very expensive, muddying the disc’s path to acceptance by Hollywood studios and retailers.
The patent application was filed by three Warner Bros. employees, two of whom are engineers for the company. The “multilayer dual optical disk” would have one layer of data in the standard CD or DVD format, a second layer able to play one high-capacity format and a third layer for the competing high-capacity format. first reported on it, here, and gave this description: “Warner’s plan is to create a disc with a Blu-ray top layer that works like a two-way mirror. This should reflect just enough blue light for a Blu-ray player to read it okay. But it should also let enough light through for HD-DVD players to ignore the Blu-ray recording and find a second HD-DVD layer beneath.”
The patent application with more details is here.