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@Mobile Content World: Snippets From Orange’s Music Store Trial

— Jonathan Jowitt, head of multimedia development at Orange, outlined a March 2006 case study of 7,000
people trialing Orange’s music download service. There was a fairly high conversion rate of 7:2 for previews to purchases. The top 50 tracks contribute to 34 percent of sales and average tracks per user was 12. Crucially, the accessibility of the service determined how heavily it was used. Jowitt said a music application that had to be downloaded and was then buried deep in a sub-menu was used by 12 percent of those in the trial, a player in a submenu was used by 40 percent and a player with a dedicated hard key by 93 percent. Summarising, he said music is not a core telephony service and that to succeed with it, operators need to be creative and take some risks.

This article originally appeared in MediaGuardian.