Incompatibility, Small Scale Dogs Mobile TV

Operators and handset vendors gathered at IBC spoke about the problems impeding the uptake of mobile TV, including”a persistent lack of interoperability, quality-of-service issues and a nonexistent certification process for any of the handful of competing mobile-TV standards”, as well as a lack of economy of scale. In relation to interoperability the fragmentation of the market is an issues, including with things like DRM.
“Looking at the current DVB-H market, full of players with different approaches to implementing the standard, the DVB Project’s Reimers wonders,”Should I have put in place a certification process before launching DVB-H?” His answer: “I don’t know.” Recalling the GSM launch in Europe, which delayed GSM phone rollouts for a year while the certification process was completed, Reimers said, “I am not sure we could have afforded the delay of another year” in DVB-H. The lost time might have given competing mobile-TV standards the chance to horn in.”
And I like this little note: “Some in the MDTV Alliance privately called the group’s mission “to win Cingular”.
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