Moore: Time Inc. Has To Shrink In Order To Grow

And if you love something let it go free .. no, wait, that’s a t-shirt saying, not part of the actual interview David Carr did late last week with Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore in the aftermath of another announced slimfest at the Time Warner magazine division. Carr slices through the effort to minimize selling 18 small niche publications, noting that Moore “who got the job because she opportunistically generated new publications out of old, has been pulling dead rabbits out of the hat” — and has failed to make her numbers for four years. All of this is under the guise of wondering how much longer Time Inc. will be part of Time.
— Moore attributes the need for some cuts to the failure to transform mag people to multiplatform-ites: “We can’t just take all our old magazine people and turn them into multiplatform geniuses. We are going to have to make some painful cuts. I think it may well be true that I have to shrink Time Inc. in order to grow it, but it will grow again.”
But Carr seems to suggest Moore herself may fit in that definition despite her current wild enthusiasm for digital: “… for all the rhetoric, Ms. Moore is seen within the company as a recent and somewhat na