A Flurry of Mail (and RSS)


With CTIA having just concluded, why not kick off the week with a new mobile application: Flurry, an email client that allows you to download and view email on any mobile phone that is Java capable. Most if not all phones can! Flurry is the flagship offering of San Francisco-based Flurry Inc. What essentially the company is offering an email client that allows you to check and reply to email from any email account. GMail users have to follow some special instructions.

The company is officially supposed to launch at DEMO Fall’ 06 in San Diego, but the service is already available for sign-ups. The sign-up process is pretty simple and straightforward, and once you sign-up, you get a text message with an embedded link, which lets you download and install the application. It is is a pretty painless process, and I was up and running on my E61 Nokia within a few minutes. It took a while for the email inboxes to synchronize.

Flurry is very similar to MovaMail, a mobile email application I am quite fond of. One thing that is quite cool about Flurry is that it allows you to set-up rules and limit the emails forwarded to your inbox. This could be helpful for many of us who use IMAP servers and are constantly fighting a losing battle with spam. It is not a slam-dunk service.

Despite being brisk, Flurry could use some interface polish, but that’s a minor quibble. Flurry doesn’t sync the status or the sent messages to your servers. That is one of the reasons why I don’t use Movamail and instead opt for other solutions such as Good.

If you don’t want to spend money on an Exchange/Blackberry combination or Exchange/Good combo, this could be a low cost solution for you. The software makers also have a mobile RSS reader functionality, though I have not tried it as yet. Nokia E61’s built in RSS readers does the job quite admirably!


Henry Sohn

some phones don’t auto-highlight URL’s that are sent in SMS messages. usually, what you can do is open the message, then press the menu key, and there should be a option called “Go To” there. press that, and it should then take you to the URL that is embedded in the message. hope that helps.


tried installing this – completely impossible. my modern phone – Samsung A900 from Sprint – doesn’t auto-detect URLs embedded in text messages. manually entered the URL via both built-in browser and opera-mini, neither resulted in success. I guess i’m stuck logging in to webmail via opera-mini to access my email.

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