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WorldSpace And Jhankar

Here is an exhaustive interview with William Sabatini, VP Global Programming, WorldSpace, the digital satellite radio services company. India is an important market for WorldSpace, as it grew from a mere 21,000 subscribers in March 2005 to 110,000 subs now. That’s a lot of growth – considering their product is a paid one versus free FM radio. Sabatini says content is their main differentiator and the fact that one can access some 65 channels, all commercial free, is what keeps them going.
But getting to the next stage of growth will not be that easy. We are a susbcriber of WorldSpace. There are a couple of things that piss me off with the service. One is I keep losing the signals as the antennae kept on the terrace of my apartment keep falling (it’s a very light plastic object which can always fall from its position). Obviously, a susbcriber cannot be asked to climb up to the terrace to fix the antennae all the time. Can’t they get a better option? Second is that the song collection on Jhankar channel – the channel for latest Hindi songs – is very poor. It has everything but latest Hindi hits. So you might as well listen to FM. If they want a mass adoption of WorldSpace, then they might as well fix Jhankar content.

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  1. I agree, quality of content is the most important aspect of any service.

    I wonder, does the site have plans to market more heavily to Indian consumers who do not currently live in India? I would imagine that those who have emigrated to US or UK may be more affluent and therefore a better market demographic.