Top ten man bags


Man_bagI talk about the quest for the perfect gadget bag all the time because for those of us with mobile devices it often becomes an obsession to find one.  The trick is to find a "Man Bag" that doesn’t look too feminine, which is something that is pretty difficult to do.  Kineda’s Blog has put together a list of the top 10 gadget bags that is pretty impressive, with names like Coach and Prada represented.  The list contains a bag called The Man Bag, which I reviewed some time ago and still have today.  It’s not a very manly man bag though.  Check out the list if you’re looking for that perfect bag that doesn’t look too, well, girly.  If you have a bag you use that you really like tell us what it is, maybe you have the perfect bag for the rest of us. 


Qaiser Adams

I went to Italy last year and found the perfect Ducati tote bag. Being Ducati, in black and red, it is very manly, and ultra-cool too.


My preferred gadget bag, or “man bag” is the custom-made Mambo bag by Waterfield. It’s just the right size with wide straps, parachute-style buckle for the flap, and lots of storage space. It also comes with a custom-fit internal sleeve case that are sized for specific laptop and tablet sizes. This case also has its own strap and small accessory bag so you can travel light without the large bag when needed.

They’re not cheap, but it’s by far the best bag I’ve ever owned. And I’ve never questioned my masculinity while carrying one of these around.

Stu Gisburne

Kevin, can you tote your Q1 around inside it? Looks like the dimensions are right, but with the Q1 inside how much room is there for other gadgets? Like the 6700, CoPilot bluetooth GPS, bluetooth headphones, and Kleenex (occasionly if I watch a touching movie, I get the sniffles)

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