The Economics Of Social Media Conference: What It Entails

If you read the post yesterday about Universal Music Group CEO calling the likes of YouTube and MySpace as “copyright infringers”, you know there’s a genuine need for a business dialog in a more rational environment. That’s what we hope the conference will provide.
Among the kind of services and sites we’ll cover: social networking sites; the video sharing sites; mobile social networks and community services; collaborative news sites; photo sharing sites; podcasting services and tools; listings/review/recommendations services; news personalization & sharing sites; collaborative & social search sites; RSS services; blogging tools; music recommendation services; and other sub sectors.
This is certainly not the first time such issues have been explored at a conference…some of them have been talked about in bits and pieces at various bigger conferences. Most of them have focused on the creation and collaboration process; some other conferences have one-off panels about monetizing user-generated content.
Our hope is that this will be the first conference focused on discussing the bigger business issues: what are the companies operating in the sector, what kinds are being started, how are big media, entertainment and information companies interacting and adopting social media in their businesses, what are business models evolving in various sub-sectors, and how is online marketing arms of big media using social media sites and services.
Also a big part of the conference: what kinds of companies are being funded, what are VCs looking for, and what kind of M&A is happening…we outlined some of this in our Social Media Deals Report which we launched a month or so ago.
The conference will be in LA, in the hope that it will being together the Hollywood and content community together with the technology and social media startups in and around Silicon Valley. And then, with New York-based news media’s growing interest in the sector in using social media and community tools, and buying some of the startups in the space, we’ll hopefully bring in the people from the East Coast and rest of the country as well.