Some Mobile Content Deals From This Week

–D2C mobile portal MobileSidewalk has signed a couple of new deals… RestaurantRow will offer a service that will offer information on 200,000 Restaurants in 13,000 cities worldwide, including the ability to: Find a restaurant by zip code or city name; Select by cuisine; Use one-click dialing directly to the restaurant to make a reservation. It will soon offer menus, photos, reviews and door-to-door driving instructions. It goes for $5.99 a month, which I think puts in the category of something people will only get once, for when they’re travelling and in a new city. MobileSidewalk has also signed a deal with TheSportsPage will also be $5.99 a month, and offer much the same things it offers its pager service — SMS sports alerts, scores, picks for handicapping and odds for all major sports categories.
Treemo has announced the launch of its new website and mobile app social community, which allows people to share stories through words, images, audio and video. “Treemo is committed to building a safe community with an emphasis on the social responsibility of content and being a positive force in local communities. Common wireless carrier concerns with user-generated content, including inappropriate or unlicensed content, have been addressed by features within Treemo that allow the community and administrators to monitor and mark offensive content and enable content owners to designate rights and licensing options for their content. After reviewing the site’s controls, Cricket Wireless has added Treemo to its portal.”
Miss BG & Captain FlamingoCanadian company Breakthrough Animation will create new mobile content from its three award-winning animations. The shows include Atomic Betty, Miss BG and Captain FlamingoBreakthrough Animations seems to have created the content to enhance its TV series: “The vignettes developed for Atomic Betty will be a combination of space-based science facts, blooper reels, animated interviews and music videos, while the Miss BG bits will highlight the title character’s unconventional perspective on the world, her family and friends. Fans of Captain Flamingo will be able to learn what it takes to be a caped crusader as their hero disseminates 101 ways to attain superhero savvy.”
Barenaked Ladies are Mobile: The band Barenaked Ladies has incorporated some mobile stuff into their latest album. “Special 2D codes are placed on tour posters and advertising. Using camera phones to read codes, fans can easily access the Barenaked Ladies’ mobile Internet site with free and paid mobile content.” This is done with iLoop Mobile.
Turkish operator Turkcell has signed a distribution aggreement with Warner Bros that will see Turkcell’s 30 million customers get access to games, ringtones, screensavers, alerts, mobile apps and short form video based on popular Warner brands, including Superman Returns, Batman, Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera.