Our First Conference: The Economics of Social Media

As most of you guessed it in our small contest early last week, the theme and the name of our first conference, in the works for several months, will be “The Economics of Social Media“.
By social media we mean all the ways in which media, entertainment and information (MEI) industries are colliding with users as part of the mix. Another way of looking at it: Social media is a mix of genuine grassroots efforts to create media through community, and the industries trying to tap into the energy of crowds, community, and user creativity. (Wikipedia has a related definition here).
The one-day conference, planned for late-Feb-early-March in LA, will discuss the business, financial and economic aspects arising out of this, emerging business models and how that is changing the dynamics of these three industries.
We have more details of the conference on our sister site paidContent.org, here.