More Indians Join The Web 2.0 Bandwagon


Here are a few new Indian portals. They all have a web 2.0 character and harp on the usual web 2.0 concepts like “sharing”, “social networking”, “Collaborative software”, “social bookmarking” etc. Nothing original about most of them. However, do check them out and comment about them here.
Targeted at software pros. Its mission statement says that the “goal is to enable technology professionals in software and services to connect with like-minded people around the world; and collaborate on innovative solutions using a methodology called Connect to Develop (C2D). Within C2D, innovators CONNECT with other people passionate about solving a problem outside their work environments, and together DEVELOP a progressive solution.”
I am not a techie, so I will stay away from this.
This is the Digg for India. “This is a place where all Indians can post news stories that they find interesting, and also add their comments about the news,” says a mail from them. Interestingly, the top three stories I saw on page today morning were international stories. Do we really need a Digg? Comment.
It is a video filter/aggregator for Indian videos found on the web. Users submit the best indian videos they find on video sharing sites like Youtube, Yahoo, Dailymotion, Google and other sites. The site claims to have a filtering mechanism which further filters down the best videos and publishes it on the front page.


Awadh Bajpai

Hi All,

Jhanki is very nice way to make the stories/news of your choice as public. We can comment on those stories to discuss the public openion for that topic.

Users of jhanki can vote(jhanki) stories of other users. There are seperate catagories for several news to be sumbmitted, read or comment.

Apart from this, Jhanki opens some contest to users for submitting stories or inviting friends.

I invite you all to join this interactive portal.

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