Delphi SkyFi3 for XM: $199 now, available next month


SKYFi3_homekit-W.jpgDelphi’s SkyFi 3 for XM satellite radio can now be pre-ordered for $199.99. Somehow, I missed seeing any news of this little portable coming, but it sure looks sweet! You can store 10 hours of programming internally or an additional songs via micro-SD support. The 2.8-inch screen might lack color, but it appears that you can mount the device horizontally or vertically, so there is likely screen rotation functionality. While you wouldn’t likely strap this to your belt and listen to live satellite radio due to needing an external antenna, the ability to store and carry hours of programming is a huge plus! Watch for availability late next month.

(via Orbitcast)



I got my father Delphi’s original carry-along XM radio, the MyFi, and one of its external antennas was just a pair of headphones with an extra chunky connection between the ears, or whatever that thing is called. He loves it.

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