Yahoo Beta Mail For All


Yahoo Thursday opened up its beta mail to just about everybody. The ad-supported beta mail brings desktop clients to the web, with calendar, mapping, drag and drop, tabbed navigation, et cetera. This comes out of Yahoo’s 2004 acquisition of early AJAX innovator Oddpost. We had heard gripes about the beta mail (available to a limited group since last summer) running slowly; hopefully everything’s optimized by now.

Yahoo already has the biggest email service out there; its existing free email edges out Microsoft’s Hotmail, with 255 million users worldwide, according to comScore. It doesn’t seem that Yahoo is actively promoting the open beta yet, as we had trouble finding any mention of it through a newly opened Yahoo Mail account…but direct access is available here.

Yahoo has been busy tying up the loose strings from its acquisitions of the last two years, making connections between Flickr, Maps, and Upcoming, and bringing the innovations of Flickr into its new Photos. Is it time to go shopping again?



I would like to be able to make sub folders of folders to store my mail. Can you do that with old mail? Can you do it with beta mail. I won’t go to beta until the ads are fixed. I don’t mind ads for free mail but the box to close it should be easy. If I am interested I will click on the ad and if I am not why make me frustrated and thinking about my old mail ID. I still keep it just in case yahoo gets to be too much agravation.



Two Comments:
1) Agree: Yahoo Mail Beta is a total disaster. Who cares about the new functions! The Message space is down to the size of a postcard, and the vertical positioning of the message space(surrounded by ads) makes it a pain to use! The bulk of space is now devoted to Ads which I find to be a total distraction. The whole layout greatly diminishes any good contributed by the new “services”.
I’ve had a Yahoo Mail account for several years, but will drop it fast if they switch to the new version.
2) Over the past 5 years, I have primarily used Fastmail, which I’ve found to a very good service ( They occasionally run into server problems, but spam filters are great, and most of all, the user interface, while simple, does exactly what I want it to do. No ads if you pay a small annual fee, and very limited ads if you don’t.


You computer illiterates who still use Outlook and Web Mail like Yahoo (for anything other than popping your mail, unless you are an Outlook asshole user) deserve what you get. Why don’t you use a REAL email program for the 21st century like Thunderbird (Firefox’s email). You guys have no idea what is going on in the computer world and there is no excuse. Outlook! What a piece of total shit. Talk about slow. And you just let Microsoft tell you what to use, because it’s easy. IF you have to use it at work, well, OK, I forgive you, but otherwise, you suck.

Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail – what, are you nuts?????

I don’t have ads in MY mail. Why? Because I use a REAL email client. Of course, it is too hard for you dummies.

Bob Miller

After reading these posts, I’ll hold off on signing up for beta yahoo until the reviews improve. Yahoo’s log in page is strongly pro beta and its hard to find the tiny line that says “remind me later” to sign up for it.


I hate the yahoo beta mail! It is all advertisements. You cant read your mail because of the advertisements. Yes it has some fantastic new features, but I am not willing to have it on my computer until they either fix it or get a few less ads in the way of reading my mail.

aswini thummala

plz send the path to join in yahoo beta mail for me…
and also the web site for yahoo beta mail

Subhas Chandra

Well … to me it seems that Yahoo must have partnered with because changed the presentation of their email at least 3-4 months back and Yahoo mail looks exactly same. I wonder whats going on?

Scott K.

I have been using the Yahoo! mail beta for about six months. It is slow to initially load, but other than that it is great. I am not sure what the other users are talking about, I have found that I actually use it in place of Outlook.

For me it runs great in Firefox, I use a nifty little Firefox add-in that automatically checks and notifies me of new mail. Clicking on that automatically logs me in and drops me in my inbox.

The new calendar “ticker” at the bottom is great too. Despite what one user says, there is a preview pane.

There is always room for improvement, so Yahoo!, if you read this my recommendations for improvements would be:

  1. Some AJAX type calendar (in addition to the calendar ticker) with:

    • intergrated evite style event creation
    • Flag for follow-up with date and display in calendar.
  2. Also have a calendar feature that allows the user to “jump to” or display of mail from day (in day mode or week mode)

  3. Full blown Blackberry intergration

    • email sync
    • calendar sync
    • contact lookup / sync
  4. Advanced mail search, by date range, by author

  5. Mail tags, with drag and drop support to/from the left navigation bar. Folders are so old-school

Robert Franklin

Interesting to hear that Yahoo Mail Beta feedback has been that it is slow. IMHO, it is painfully slow and at times I have to revert to the old mail interface to get things done. E-mails take a long time to open. I love the desktop feel and the features are a huge leap forward but until the performance gets better, I cannot recommend it.


after using their beta for a while i decided to move to gmail.

the new interface is still buggy.
is very slow on firefox.
and they take way too much real-estate for the ad space.

i have been using yahoo! mail for years, and now they just made me abandon it.


One more thing (a big thing!): You can’t select multiple messages by a check box. Only via holding control button. That’s VERY web-tech geeky. They need to move back to checkboxes.


You may like it, but I don’t like how it opens up new windows for each message. It gets confusing easily. Why not provide a preview pane? They’re going for more page views and not thinking about how the end user would want it set up.

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