What’s New Today: Meebo, Socializr, Revver

Today’s web startup roundup:

  • Web IM company Meebo is celebrating its first year Thursday, announcing it has 1 million daily logins, 56 million daily messages, 6.8 million users, 3 million unique monthly visitors, and availability in 52 languages. Pretty impressive!
  • The details are finally spilling out of Socializr, Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams’ new startup. The site’s marketing copy oozes self-hatred, with phrases like “the leading Web 3.1 Anti BlogTail company.” We had tried to get into the new “gamma” version last week but hadn’t been as resourceful as Steve Poland, who got access to just about everything by guessing Abrams’ profile URL. Drumroll…it’s a social event-planning service. Skobee didn’t have the resources to pull this off, but other startups like Renkoo and Involver are still actively trying to get in the next-gen Evite game.
  • Revver, the video site that rewards users who generate and spread its content, came out of beta Wednesday. Along with catching up with the Joneses by adding Flash, a web-based uploader, and personal homepages, the site moved ahead with video bookmarking, collecting, and persistent search tools. Apparently you can also set up a widget like Rockyou or Flickr but for video feeds and collections, but we had trouble finding this on the site. The Revver philosophy hits a nerve for many, bringing in both good publicity and web phenomena like Lonelygirl15 and Ze Frank…but in our experience the site simply hadn’t worked very well. Now videos seem to be less choppy and slow to load than they were before, so the company is at least giving itself a chance to catch on.

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