Slim Picking For Gadget Lovers at CTIA


It’s the last day of the CTIA mobile convention and while the gadget announcements haven’t been exactly flowing out of the show, there’s been a few notable newly launched phones around the floor and more than enough gadget-related press releases shoved into reporters hands. What do you think is the most interesting wireless-related gadget of the week from the show?

The Blackberry 8700e went official for Verizon, though people were already talking about the device over the past few weeks. The Blackberry Pearl was getting attention on the floor too, and T-Mobile started selling the device this week. Personally I’m sticking to qwerty.

Palm announced the Treo 750v, which will be available first for Vodafone in Europe by the end of the year. Palm is looking for some Europe love. Maybe it can get it with the next Treo rendition. Om might disagree.

By accident it seems LG let out the news about the Verizon VX8600 chocolate flip phone. The flip looks more palatable than the candybar version. We’ve been on the other end of the Verizon PR rage before, so we feel for you LG, via PhoneScoop.

Cingular will start selling Nokia’s e62 business smart phone. The device isn’t that exciting but its around $150, which is pretty good in its own right. Mobile Tracker has the details.

Digit Wireless was showing off its confusing Fastap keyboard technology. We’re sure it’s very efficient, but, man, we are so not ready for that yet.

Finally, Sprint had a few EVDO Rev-A data cards it was touting, in an attempt to highlight the company’s moves in the wireless broadband upgrade network wars. The PX-500 from Pantech, and the AirCard 595 from Sierra Wireless. The more ways we can connect to wide-area wireless broadband, the better.



You forgot to mention the ‘Star Trek’ or Cingular 3125 WM5 smartphone. That was for also $149. The E62 is a nice alternative to Blackberrys because it can support BlackBerry Connect.

I think that a majority of devices show at the Sprint CTIA.


It’s a shame cingular has forced Nokia to dumb down the ammazing e61 (gutting its SIP/Wifi and some 3G capabilities) for the watered down e62. For me it has been well worth the extra couple hundred to be sitting at any WiFi hotspot making SIP calls on my e61 with paying pennies per minute on worldwide calls.


Thats a shame that there wasnt more mobile pr0n at CTIA. I feel that the majority of devices that are about to drop we have known about for a while. We seem to hear about a new HTC device every month or so, but other than that the devices are pretty bland. I personally am looking forward to more HSDPA and EVDO rev.A devices to come out sporting keyboards. So far HTC seems to be the only real game in town!

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