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Microsoft Zune: More About Zune Marketplace; Can Use Xbox Currency

The Zune Marketplace is Microsoft’s latest attempt to sell music on its own and seems to borrow a great deal from Xbox Live, which has the Xbox Live Marketplace.
— Users can choose a la carte downloads or the flat-fee Zune Pass subscription; again, no pricing available today but would hope it will be competitive. It may even undercut competitors — including Microsoft’s own Plays For Sure network.
— The store will have “millions of songs.” The situation with videos is a little unclear; Microsoft says the Zune will be pre-loaded with music and video but calls the Zune Marketplace a music service. We’ll keep looking into that.
Microsoft Points: In what may make the player more appealing to Xbox users, purchases can be made with the currency already in use for the Xbox Live Marketplace: Microsoft Points that can be bought with credit cards and stored in an account or can be purchased through gift cards at retail locations. It’s unclear whether Microsoft Points are the exclusive currency or if credit cards will be accepted directly.
More to come.