EV-DO Rev. A support for the HTC Libra


libra.jpgAt a glance, the HTC Libra looks very similar to my XV6700 Windows Mobile 5 phone. At a glance. There’s a nice looking and sorely needed numeric keypad on the front of the device, which I’d bet most folks would prefer over using the touchscreen to dial. Likely, you’ll be able to use either option and options are nice. There’s also a nice slide-out keyboard, although I’m already not liking the placement of the space bar over to the right.

As they say, it’s what’s on the inside that counts: the Libra will support EV-DO Rev. A, providing faster downloads and much faster uploads. For folks that use their EV-DO enabled smartphones as a modem, this could be a huge incentive. Reports indicate that the Libra is smaller than what we’ve seen in the past; the size is comparable to a smaller candy-bar style phone, so the screen could be smaller than what current HTC-made smartphone users are comfortable with.



I believe Engadget reported that a GSM model is expected by at least early 2007, as well.

doc gibbs

Which USA providers will be selling the HTC Libra? Or international providers? Does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks!!!

Kevin White

I can’t be the only one who thinks it will be awfully hard to navigate that device one-handed with the keyboard closed…..


Free is definitely a must, and I’ve tried Minimo. It may work on the X50s, but my X30 just can’t keep up with its RAM desires. Accidentally selecting a textbox means 15 seconds for it to readjust for the soft keyboard, and another 15 to close it.


I love smartphones that have both numeric pads and QWERTY keyboards. Curse me if you will, but the ability to use T9 text entry to easily get directions, movie times, messages and more on the road is one of the biggest things keeping me from getting many of the smartphones out there today. There are so few that have this combination, and the only one I know available from a US provider (the Nokia 9300 at Cingular) lacks WiFi.

That brings up another question for me: how good is the version of IE that comes with WM5? I have a Dell Axim X30 (WM2003) and have been frustrated with my inability to find a single good free web browser for it.

Dave Zatz

The speed boost is nice, but the physical keyboard is a winner – I’m willing to trade screen real estate for tactile control, especially while driving. Then again, everyone tells me I need to get with the program and use VoiceCommand.

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