Collecting Creative DMG Designs


DMG DesignsThis is a fantastic idea. Roustem Karimov, who writes ‘Blog From Software Trenches’ had a very cool idea for a post. He’s collecting screen shots of the best designs of OSX Disk Images.

The most common that I’m sure most of us have seen, is from Camino. It’s basically a combination of a background for the Disk Image in its own Finder window, the folders, and icons. The nicer ones give a little helpful info for the less knowledgable, about how to “install” the software.

Go take a look at his post, and the collection he’s got so far. I think Delicious Library is probably my favorite, though AppZapper looks pretty tasty too. And if you have any others to add, leave them in his comments.


Nick Santilli

That’s true – I was commenting on looks alone, but you’re totally right.

Having the Apps alias right there is very night indeed, especially for the newer OSX users. I tend to use Quicksilver for this action, so I forget about these things.

Chris Howard

Gotta disagree about Delicious Library. It looks good, but is not as practical as some others.

The inclusion of an alias to the Applications folder is the best thing that ever happened to these DMGs.

A lot of DMGs open without a sidebar. Unless your Finder already has other windows open, that means to “Drag the icon to your application folder” requires first opening a second window, or clearing the desktop (F11) so you can see your drives.

When I was a newbie, installing applications that way was very daunting.

Whereas now with the Application alias, it’s easy as.

If Delicious Library add a nice stylized Application alias (liek Skype did), then I’d vote it the best too.

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