, Benefit From Major On-Air Events

Two network sites are reaping rewards from marquee on-air events in recent days. For, it was the debut of the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric; for, the debut of Monday Night Football combined with the start of the college and pro football seasons. The Disney sports site had four of its most viewed days ever — and a new record Sunday, Sept. 10, with more than 95.3 million page views and pro football drawing more than 55 percent of the traffic. The debut of Monday Night Football and Monday Night Surround was the 10th largest day ever for the site, again driven by pro football traffic — up 47 percent over last year’s first Monday when MNF was on ABC. As for video, served up more than 1.6 million pro football video streams Monday and Tuesday. During college football’s Labor Day weekend opening, ESPN360 and ESPN Motion served more than 1.3 million streams of related video. The live ESPN360 simulcast of the Florida State-Miami games was more than six times higher than the First Full Circle simulcast in February. We reported last week that traffic doubled Sept. 5, the night she first anchored. Now some details for the week … Unique visitors for the first week of Couric’s tenure rose 57 percent, while viewing of online video doubled from the previous week. Traffic for the section was up According to a network source, the slippage for has been less than the drop for the on-air version (CBS was back in third place by this week) — and numbers are still significantly higher than pre-Couric. Most important, perhaps, they’re still serving twice as much video as the days leading up to Couric’s debut. Too bad it doesn’t count in the ratings.

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