Asus R2H hits U.S. in October for $999: who’s buying?


Asus R2H

Folks have been waiting on the Asus R2H UMPC for months, but the wait here in the U.S. is almost over according to Matt over at Matt spoke with Asus Customer Support and found out that:

  • Shipments should start in late September or early October
  • Orders can be placed through Asus’ online resellers
  • Standard model price is $999
  • Included in the standard model is a 60 GB drive, 768 MB of RAM
  • GPS, webcam, WiFi and Bluetooth are included in this model

When compared to current offerings, the sub-$1,000 price tag is compelling as you’re getting some upgrades over similar or higher priced competitors: more drive space, GPS and an integrated camera. Asus proves that the UMPC market is heading in the right direction: more usable features in price that’s closer to the target range of $500 to $1,000. The real question is: who’s buying? Did you hold off on a UMPC purchase to wait for the R2H? Better yet: is this still not compelling enough and you’re going to wait longer?



I was waiting for such a device for years. I got the Zaurus, but it didn’t work out, then went back to Palm (Tungsten) but that didn’t work out either. It all comes to that it should be a full PC, but small, very small.

The only additional features I would wish for is longer battery life, a builtin EGDE/GPRS modem and a pullout keyboard like SONY has – but it costs you. Esp. since it works only with Verizon but T-Mobile is so much cheaper.

$999 for 60GB and 768M Ram is very reasonable. I was going to pre-order one but then found only two places to order it and none specify a price. Only one lets you choose the hard-drive size (20/30/40/60) but also gives no price.

Since it looks that the memory is configurable and the hard-drive size I would like to wait until I can order the device exactly as I like it. However, *if* the device is really that good then I fear there will be a run like for the first Playstation.

Bottom line, I’ll wait just a tad longer to see my options.


I’m still waiting for the cool UMPC that was shown in the official video (the one with the swivel keyboard). I know that some consider the keyboard unnecessary but I want to use visual studio 2005 on the one I get so for coding I consider a keyboard essential (as long as it’s reasonably usable). Also the swivel keyboard screams “Origami” in my opinion.

I will admit though that the Asus is the right way to go if you’re not obsessed with having a small keyboard attached (as I am. I can’t stand the thought of having to carry round a separate device or continuously getting grubby finger prints on the screen with a virtual keyboard.). If I knew I wouldn’t find a lack of keyboard so frustrating I would reaching for my credit card now ;-)


I was waiting for the R2H. While the specs are a bit underwhelming, I can’t help but think that $999 is cheap considering what I would pay just for a stand alone GPS for the car. The rest is just gravy. Looks like my wait is over :)


Seems like this will finally be a UMPC worthy of its price. I’m still waiting till Dell enters the market.

David Jones

What will make a UMPC most compelling for me is Vista included, I hate having to add an OS to a device, especially when the Vista launch is so near. However, I’m running RC1 and loving it, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll take the plunge a bit early. But to answer your question, yep…this is the device I was wating for.

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