Woot! iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard released


IGo BT keyboardRemember that prototype keyboard I ran across at the CES in Las Vegas back in January that I blogged about?  The keyboard that took the best portable keyboard ever made and made it wireless via Bluetooth?  The keyboard that I wondered what had happened to back in July and later speculated that the merger between ThinkOutside and Mobility Electronics had put the brakes on the release?  Guess what?  It’s finally been announced by Mobility Electronics!  The company that produces the iGo line of portable chargers has finally released the iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard.  This keyboard is a full sized keyboard that folds up into a form that will fit in a shirt pocket and yet duplicates a regular keyboard when opened.  It is the same keyboard as the older USB model by ThinkOutside yet loses the cable in favor of Bluetooth.  The keyboard is $129.99 and according to the iGo website is in stock and ready to unfold near you.

Prototype at CES

(via Experience Mobility)



The Experience Mobility/Think Outside merger were bought by iGo.

I called iGo today and they stoped making keyboards early 2008. They didn’t spin it off, they just stopped according to the rep, and sell only power products.

This above highly-rated keyboard is only available at the last few stores that have any in stock.

Jason Preston

Hey James,

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