Former KR SVP Hilary Schneider Joins Yahoo At SVP; Heading All Listing Businesses

You’re reading it here first: Hilary Schneider, the high-profile former SVP at Knight Ridder, is joining Yahoo, also as an SVP, and will be heading all of Yahoo’s listings businesses, has learned. All the major listings business within Yahoo–travel, autos, shopping, personals, local and other similar verticals–will now be reporting into her.
Prior to this, Jeff Weiner was looking after these areas…not sure how his role changes after this: that is, will he be adding additional responsibilities etc.
She will be reporting directly to CFO Sue Decker. Schneider has long been regarded as one of the most digital-friendly newspaper industry executives…last year, when KR was still in existence, she was elevated from the position of CEO of Knight Ridder Digital to one of the four lieutenants under then KR CEO Tony Ridder, and was supposed to be among the most likely to succeed Ridder when he would have retired. Of course we know the story from there.
The announcement will come internally in the morning, and will be announced to press later.
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