@CTIA: Nokia & EA Team Up To Promote Mobile Gaming


EA Mobile will supply games to be sold through the Nokia Content Discoverer, which gives people easy access to downloadable content on their handset. I talked to Paul Whittaker from Nokia today, and if it’s what I saw it’s pretty good — a simple advance is to have the normal text menus, but whatever is highlighted expands to include a small image and description. Anyway, there will initally be 7 EA titles available: Tetris, Tetris Mania, The Sims, Doom, FIFA 06, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06 and FIFA Street 2. EA will also support the launch of the Nokia “next generation mobile games platform” due for launch in 2007. From what people are saying around CTIA it seems 2007 will be the year of radical improvements in the user interface, and in the mobile content shopping experience. It’s about time…but I think companies have been working on this for a year or two, and it’s about to become ready for the marketplace.
Paul was big on connectivity and its importance to mobile gaming. He said that multiplayer games would be a $10 billion business by 2010, and connectivity would be a third of that. Nokia gets in on the act with its SNAP mobile tools to promote that. “A key part of next generation gaming is the fact that it’s connected,” said Paul. So, the next gen platform will have recommendations from other gamers, but the gamers themselves will be rated so you can judge how much weight to give to their opinions.
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