What’s New Today


Okay so everyone was busy watching Steve Jobs, but that doesn’t mean nothing else happened around the techworld. Here is a list of some important events that caught our eye.

1. Personal Bee launched an updated version of its service, and it is sleek, useful and worth giving a second shot. Lots of new features. The meMeme seekers pay attention. It is faster too. Check out the GigaOM Bee.

2. Mobissimo, a travel search engine launched a Netvibes module allows travellers to search hundreds of different global travel suppliers directly on their Netvibes personal start page. Its’ a widget world.

3. Rumors about CounterPath snagging a big fish turned out to be true. The softphone maker signed a deal with AT&T, which means one less reason to stick with Vonage.

4. Xconnect and iPeerX hooked up, which means another rumor confirmed. Though they don’t have much mindshare, XConnect could be a consolidator in the VoIP peering space.

5. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it is the mythical Netgear Skype wifi phone, which has had more publicity than Paris Hilton. It will finally start shipping sometime… this week or in the near future, depending on where you live.

6. Niall tips us off on Showcase, a new photo hosting service from Adobe. Okay this one actually makes sense, since Adobe does have something to do with digital photography. Is this a private label service, or did they put it all together?

And in case you were wondering, we are going to keep September 13th and 14th as Apple free days on GigaOM.

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