Waiting For Steve: T-Minus 12 Hours & Counting

At 1 p.m. eastern, 10 a.m. Pacific, CEO Steve Jobs puts the latest round of rumors to rest … or does he?
Apple taking iTunes to the movies? : “If the analysts and enthusiasts are on target, the iTunes store and client software will soon offer the option of movie downloads, expanding its offerings from music, television shows and music videosto feature films. Also expected are new iPod Nanos–perhaps with wireless capabilities–to shore up the iPod juggernaut for the holiday season.”
Movie Downloads, Coming Soon to an IPod Near You: “The company has cloaked the event in secrecy, but a number of Hollywood sources have confirmed that Apple will begin selling movies from the Walt Disney Co. and Lionsgate Films for play on iPods, computers and perhaps televisions. Financial analysts expect the films to range from $9.99 to $14.99 each…. the company may seek to anticipate the small-screen problem by introducing a new iPod today with a bigger screen or a wireless device for the home to let consumers easily beam movies from their computers to their televisions, much like a WiFi system.”