Samsung IP-830w world Smartphone released by Sprint

ip830.jpgIt sure looks like the ol’ Samsung i730, but the IP-830w from Sprint (PDF) has a Worldwide SIM card for the digital quad-band radios. Yup, you can use this Pocket PC Phone Edition on the 800 and 1900mHz CDMA/1x-EV-DO/1xRTT frequencies PLUS you can get talking with GSM/GPRS 900 and 1800 mHz support as well. Does this mean the 830w had to pass through the FCC twice? ;)

The phone features the slideout keyboard (or slideup screen, depending on how you look at it) that was featured in the i730 as well as the same QVGA screen and 520 MHz Intel XScale processor. There’s plenty of memory as well: 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB of ROM, leaving you with about 70 MB of usable storage. Interestingly, Sprint indicates in their product specs that the device runs Windows Mobile 5.2; later on they say it’s 5.0 with AKU 2.6. No word on what it will cost to jet-set the globe with this phone.

(via Mobility Site which is sporting a nice refresh today! Take a look at the new look and feel!)


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