Samsung announces two breakthroughs in memory chip technology


Samsung is the largest chip maker in the world and it is not surprising they were the first to introduce a mobile device with a 32 GB solid state disk (SSD), the Q1 SSD I am currently evaluating.  While the large SSDs are still very expensive, advancing the technology will surely drive down the price of manufacture to a more palatable level.  This week Samsung announced a new type of memory chip, the PRAM, that is 30 times faster than current flash memory.  PRAM memory doesn’t require first erasing existing data before writing new which further increases the speed gain over conventional NOR or NAND data. 

Samsung also announced a NAND chip based on 40 nanometer technology (current chips are 70 nanometer) which makes it possible to fit more memory in a small space and reduces power requirements.  This is directly applicable to mobile devices of all sorts so I expect by next year we should see some really exciting developments in the mobile device space.

(via Washington Post)

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