QuickPlay Media for Blackberry devices


quick_play_media_logo.jpgThe Blackberry continues to move out of the office and into the night life, thanks to products like Quick Play Media. Today at the CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment Conference, the Quick Play folks announced some audiocast partnerships with names like ABC News, AccuWeather.com, Clear Channel, Gaiam, MarketWatch.com, The Wall Street Journal and Westwood One. The QuickPlayer, not to be confused with the quicker-picker-upper, will stream audio files, i.e.; podcasts, to Blackberrys when their users aren’t watching VGA movies in iTunes. Initial support will be for the Blackberry 8700 series, 7130 series and of course, da Pearl.

Hmm…no mobile tech podcast partners Quick Play? We can sound extra-special good on a Blackberry if you’re game! ;)

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