PSP: Portable Productivity Platform?

Kotaku poured some water on a rumor from an industry analyst that Sony’s Playstation Portable could soon drop in price to an eminently affordable $150. And while I’d love a PSP just to kill some time while stuck on the bus, it made me wonder about the viability of some of the portable gaming platforms as something to integrate into your work life. With a little brain grease, you can hack and modify iPods, PSPs, Nintendo DS and other handhelds to do much more than just play Tetris or the latest Christina Aguilera hit.

With such a tiny form factor, it’s certainly tempting to figure out how to use such a device as something that you can carry around instead of a laptop to quickly check email, lookup web info and the like. Does anyone use a gaming device to actually keep tabs on their work? And at what price, or with what features, do you think would make it practical?


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