No ActiveSync, er Windows Mobile Device Center in Vista RC1 yet

wmdc.jpgI got a glimpse of the new ActiveSync in Vista Beta 2, now known by it’s more generic (and descriptive) name of Windows Mobile Device Center. I liked the fact that there was less conversion of files; hey a JPEG is a JPEG, right? All in all, I liked what I saw. Unfortunately, with Vista RC1, I’m not seeing the same thing. In fact, I’m not seeing WMDC at all, which is really disappointing for a Release Candidate. It also hurts my productivity testing.

Turns out that WMDC was pulled from Vista RC1 for the moment. According to Mel Sampat, the Windows Mobile Program Manager, “the WMDC team made some major architectural changes between Beta 2 and RC1 based on the feedback they collected from Beta 2. So the WMDC in RC1 is pretty different than what was in Beta 2, at least underneath the hood“. The plan is for WMDC to appear in Windows Update within the next few weeks, but isn’t this concerning given the late date of “major architectural changes”?

I think Microsoft will pull a rabbit out of the hat on this one, simply because WMDC is not a core Vista component, but is in add-on module. We’re cutting the time-line a little close, though. Solid testing of WMDC isn’t going to get done overnight. While we’re waiting: what’s the one bit of ActiveSync feedback would you give the WMDC team?

(via Pocket PC Thoughts)

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