No ActiveSync, er Windows Mobile Device Center in Vista RC1 yet


wmdc.jpgI got a glimpse of the new ActiveSync in Vista Beta 2, now known by it’s more generic (and descriptive) name of Windows Mobile Device Center. I liked the fact that there was less conversion of files; hey a JPEG is a JPEG, right? All in all, I liked what I saw. Unfortunately, with Vista RC1, I’m not seeing the same thing. In fact, I’m not seeing WMDC at all, which is really disappointing for a Release Candidate. It also hurts my productivity testing.

Turns out that WMDC was pulled from Vista RC1 for the moment. According to Mel Sampat, the Windows Mobile Program Manager, “the WMDC team made some major architectural changes between Beta 2 and RC1 based on the feedback they collected from Beta 2. So the WMDC in RC1 is pretty different than what was in Beta 2, at least underneath the hood“. The plan is for WMDC to appear in Windows Update within the next few weeks, but isn’t this concerning given the late date of “major architectural changes”?

I think Microsoft will pull a rabbit out of the hat on this one, simply because WMDC is not a core Vista component, but is in add-on module. We’re cutting the time-line a little close, though. Solid testing of WMDC isn’t going to get done overnight. While we’re waiting: what’s the one bit of ActiveSync feedback would you give the WMDC team?

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I lost my getting started cd for my at&t 8525 pocket pc,how can i sync and upgrade my pda plz?

Michael Pielech

I cannot install WMDC on the final release of Vista Business… I plug in my Q, it begins to download and then says it has a problem with the device driver. Then when I go to Microsoft to download WMDC I get the download, run it, and then I get “installation could not complete becaude windows is missing at least one component.” What the hell is that…. Release to the general public is right around the corner and I am amazed that this hasn’t been resolved…. any answers??

stephen welch

I have Vista and cannot install the mobile device center.. it begins installing, and then reverts and stops. Any ideas? My cingular 8125 will not sync! When I go to devices, it basically has an exclamation next to it as it cannot find driver.

Mike Byrns

Here’s some news that should brighten your day:

If you use RegEdit to add a key called “WHOS” under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft key in the registry, connect your Windows Mobile 5.0 device and go to Windows Update, a new 7.0MB update will be available that enables Windows Mobile Device Center.

I’m extremely happy to report no connection problems on my Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone (T-Mobile SDA) OR my WM5 PDA Phone (Cingular 8125). Plus it’s stable and about 10 times faster than ActiveStink.


Make it work. Plain and simple. I get so tired of having to reset my device, kill the ActiveSync task and restart it to get the device to connect. It is just too inconsistent and unstable. When I used to put my Palm device in the cradle and hit sync it just worked. Everytime. When I put my WM5 device in the cradle I have a 50-50 chance of it connecting and doing what it is supposed to do. Please MSFT – just make it work right. I would be most thankful for just that.

Jonathan Balkind

I’ve gotta say “Wifi Synchronisation” since you didn’t :p

Also, if they’re remodelling it like it sounds, I think they would’ve been better just treating it like everything else and having it updated bit by bit, reather than removing it and returning it, when they could have some pretty bad flaws.

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