Mugen battery for the Samsung Q1 just days away


Mark of Lion Battery just left a comment on this thread that announced the Mugen Power Pack for the Samsung Q1 and indicated the 9 cell battery will be in stock shortly as will full information about the battery specs.  Thanks for keeping our readers informed, Mark!


Steve Brandon

I too thought the lack of comments interesting. I’ve held off my purchase of the Q1 because of battery issues. I just ordered a Q1 Pentium from CDW and ordered with the 6-cell battery. Between the stepping features of the Pentium and the battery, I’m hoping for a day’s work out of the Q1. Since battery is listed by CDW as a call to check stock item, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get it before the 2007; so, it seems as if folks would be more interested in a 9-cell that’ll be in stock. The good news is that I’ve noticed the date for which they’ll try to ship the new Q1s creeping down as the days go by; so, there seems to be some confidence that they’ll ship by 23 September—at least, that’s what the sells rep said.


I just bought the Power Bank battery from Samsung. I only received it yesterday, but I like the fact that it is an accessory that doesn’t disrupt the form factor of the Q1 itself. It’s a little smaller than my USB CD/DVD drive so it fits inside on of the pockets in my laptop bag. I can actually charge the Q1 while it’s in the bag being carried around, which could be handy.

Anton P. Nym

I’m interested, but I’m not certain I’ll buy one; only because I’m very reliant on the slip case for my Q1 when schlepping it around and the 9-cell won’t fit in that case. I will probably be ordering the Samsung 6-cell which compromises between battery life (6 hours) and size (still fits in the case).

I’ll definitely keep an eye on Mugen, though, as they’re doing good work.

— Steve

Bob Russell

I don’t see any comments here, which surprises me. Maybe people already know they want one and are just waiting for details.

But isn’t this is a big deal?! Don’t know what kind of battery life it will give, but if we see something in the 7-9 hrs range his will take away the primary complaint about the Q1. Makes The Q1 a lot more interesting for me, and might just show us whether battery life really matters to people, or it battery life complaints were just another flippant excuse given by people that don’t think a UMPC is useful anyway.

Unfortunately, the mainstream consumer might just be waiting for a second generation device and something that can run Vista. (Run it well, I mean.) That might make it a hard sell even if people want one. I’d say that battery life, first generation concerns, and Vista uncertainties are a big hurdle for me right now with respect to buying one. I’m one of those people right on the fence. Want one, but maybe this isn’t the best time to buy. One day I want one immediately, next day I have patience to wait!

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