Movie downloads from Apple: VGA res for $12.99 or less in 30 minutes

itunes movies.jpgEngadget is running their typical “live-blog” coverage courtesy of writer extraordaniare, Paul Boutin, but the server is buckling under the strain. We’re not ones to steal thunder, but since the iTunes Movie service fits the “It’s Showtime” theme, we figured to share the details.

As expected, Apple will provide movie downloads; look for around 75 movies available in the near term with more to obviously follow. I think Apple did smart move on the pricing. For new movies, you can pre-order them or buy them the during the first week at a cost of $12.99. Movies will be available for download on the same day they hit the DVD retail shelves. Older movies will cost just $9.99; again, not a bad price for a movie that you own. I’ll likely be canceling my Vongo subscription as a result; the service hasn’t been working in a stable fashion for me anyway.

Better yet, the resolution of 640 x 480 comes much closer to DVD resolution than 320 x 240 and his Jobness indicates you can grab a full movie in around 30 minutes. You’ll see a new iTunes client (v. 7) later today that integrates iTunes Movies along with your videos and audio files. There’s plenty more (but no Tablet), so check it out over at Engadget and hit that Refresh button! Does anyone else see another use for those 800 x 480 UMPCs, or is it just me?


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