jkOnTheRun Mobile Edition RC1

Jkotr_mobile_1 You asked for it so we’re trying to deliver! That’s right, you can now get a more mobile-friendly version of jkOnTheRun with our new Mobile Edition! Here’s the full URL if you want to exercise that mini-keyboard, T-9 dial pad or abacus beads: http://jkontherun.blogs.com/mobile/

I’m jokingly referring to this as "RC1" simply because we’re bound to do some tweaks and we’re not redirecting mobile browsers from the main site to the mobile site. Bear in mind that we work full time (or more) in addition to the daily blogging and bi-weekly podcasting, so projects like this mobile edition effort sometimes go by the wayside. We couldn’t be a mobile tech site without a mobile-friendly view for TOO long and we’re bettin’ that Dave Winer wasn’t gonna make a mobile feed just for li’l ol’ us. ;)

Enjoy and we welcome your feedback as always. It might not be perfect (yet), but we’re all about making your mobile tech life easier in any way we can!


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