jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #23 – iTunes Movies on a UMPC



Watch jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #23 here (WMV format, 640 x 480, 60.6 MB, 11:02 minutes)

Icon_128x128With the new Apple announcements today, it became apparent to me that the new iTunes Movies would be a nice marriage of Microsoft Windows based hardware and Apple software. I decided to download both iTunes 7 as well as a movie. Initial thoughts:

  • 640 x 480 resolution is pretty solid on a UMPC device
  • The new iTunes interface is very slick and usable
  • Audio quality of the movies is very good
  • People have to realize we’re taking evolutionary steps towards downloadable high-def content; this was the next evolutionary step due to bandwidth and infancy of the high-def display market which is just now coming of age.
  • I’d prefer to watch a downloaded VGA movie on a UMPC as opposed to carrying an optical drive and packaged content.

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Please note:  This video is in WMV format so it will not show up nor play in iTunes.  You will have to use another podcatcher or download the show direct to view.


Richard L

There seems to be 2 places to put comments here, to shorten the other comment: if the movie is in VGA format, how come it displays in 16:9 format.


KC, question to you… what is the side of the movie? And second question, have to checked if you can burn that movie into a DVD?

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