Hugo fondles the Vega and the new Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC


Aussie Hugo Ortega must be living right these days because he’s been in geek heaven for a while.  First he got his hands on the Raon Digital Vega ultra-portable computer (long enough to shoot a couple of nice videos) and now has the first look at the next Fujitsu mini-tablet, the P1610.  The P1610 is the successor to the successful P1510D with the same form factor including the 8.9” touch screen but with some major additions.  First and foremost to me is the addition of not only a PC Card slot meaning I could use my EVDO card but also integrated 3G.  It is obvious that Fujitsu has been listening to critics of the P1510 and decided that wireless connectivity was a big deal to the road warriors that this form factor appeals to.  The P1610 also incorporates some sophisticated palm rejection technology that makes inking on the touch screen just like an active digitizer experience.  Kudos to Hugo for getting this scoop!  Head over and check out the video of the Fujitsu P1610 in action, it is one sweet device.


David Brotzen

The P1610 looks great. The only thing I’d really like which is still missing is a a built-in cam. If it did have it I would rush out and get one. Then it would be a great communication device. They build cams into mobile phones, why not a communications able tablet-pc?? C’mon Fujitsu go for it!


The vectoring on the P1510D I owned for a short while, was the deal breaker on an otherwise terrific device. Having seen Hugo’s display of the new palm rejection stuff, I am tremendously excited. Maybe we can get Hugo to run Battery Eater Pro on this new beauty and knock that question out of the park too? If James wasn’t currently fondling the Q1 SSD, I would bet some money on the “Chalice” being his next tablet!

Hugo Ortega

Now, now, JK – you’ve made me blush with all your kind words…;-)

Hey Kevin (love your work), I think the P1610 is a leap in the right direction. With it’s palm stuff, 3G stuff, outdoor stuff, PCMCIA stuff and swivle stuff, I think the future’s bright…

Kevin C. Tofel

The palm rejection technology is MOST impressive. I’ve learned to work around any vectoring issues on the Q1, but I would love to see this type of solution implemented in the next generation of UMPC and touchscreen slate Tablets!

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