How to get Windows Live Local to connect you on the phone


Is that Windows Live Local calling your phone? It just might be and this handy little beta feature might be easily overlooked given the big announcements of Live services. Don’t worry; we got your back. If you hit up the Windows Live Local service to search for your eating establishment, you can get the bird’s eye view, address, phone number. Want to make a reservation? Don’t get off your lazy duff by dialing those digits; just use the beta “Call for Free” functionality in Windows Live Local!

Enter your phone number and be sure to check the “Remember my phone number” box; rework of data entry is so drab these days. Click the Call button and Windows Live Local will play operator so that you and your bistro are connected on the phone. Once the connection is made, your phone will ring and you can play big wig to that maitre d’…or just order a Super Sized number 3 if that’s your thing. Your call….or is it?


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