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AT&T Launched Broadband TV Service With 20 Channels

This is AT&T first big foray into open online media: it is launching online TV service where subscribers can watch about 20 live and on-demand channels, for $20 per month. The channel lineup includes the Fox News (only for AT&T Broadband users), History Channel, the Weather Channel, the Food Network, Bloomberg and Oxygen (anyone with a broadband connection). Additional channels will be added soon, the company said. Viewers will see whatever commercials are being shown on the live broadcast, but no advertisements are planned for the browser window and control panel that frame the TV picture.
AT&T had a deal with mobile video provide MobiTV, under which AT&T Wi-Fi users could access all channels in MobiTV portfolio. This expands on that deal, and another boost for MobiTV, which recently closed a $60 million funding.
WSJ: The service is available to anyone with a broadband connection starting today. The company is offering a free two-week trial. Other channels subscribers will receive include Comedy Time, Toonworld, Maxx Sports and the Food Network. Subscribers to AT&T’s broadband service also will receive programming from Fox News.
Reuters: Although the service does not work overseas, AT&T said one target customer group would be U.S. travelers, who will be able to watch live TV on their laptops as long as their Internet connection speed is at least 500 kilobits per second.