Apple: The Wait Is Over


The royal audience, I mean press conference, is underway in San Francisco. Wish I could be there in person but am attending vicariously while every move is live blogged and winnowing out the details that matter to you. (Steve Job’s is wearing an open-collar shirt, not a turtle neck. Thanks, Gizmodo.)
Gizmodo: — 450,000 Nike+iPod sports kits were sold in first 90 days.
— iPod video has brighter screen, more battery life. Price for 30G drops to $249 and new 80G will lists for $349.
— Games designed for iPod wheel. $4.99 each.
— Next-gen Nanos basically doubles storage for same price.
— The tech blogs are having problems. Haven’t been able to see any live posts from Engadget and I just lost Gizmodo.
— Just got the event to load … no, spoke to soon. The plot to install yet another version of Quicktime fails. (The box to load both the latest Quicktime version with iTunes is the default.) Incredibly frustrating.
— Getting Engadget live now. Ten million shuffles sold so far; the new version is aluminum, wearable. Still no screen. Orders as of today; shipping in October.
iTunes: iTunes is the fifth largest reseller of music in the U.S. and expects to pass Amazon for the number 4 spot in January.
— iTunes 7 rolls out today — free missing album cover art for iTunes account holders.
More than 45 million TV shows have been downloaded on iTunes since the launch last October. Today, they add NFL Network highlights — $1.99 per game or $24.99 season pass.
— Did we mention movies? Movies launch today on iTunes with films from Disney-owned studios Disney, Pixar, Touchstone, Miramax available same day as DVD. Pricing: $12.99 pre-ordered/first week; $9.99 standard. Jobs estimates it will take 30 minutes to download a movie from iTunes (we’ll test that ASAP).
— Cameo appearance by Disney CEO Bob Iger apparently not saying very much — “We’re confident that movies are going to work as well as TV on iTunes” — but getting some payback for being first in with Apple and video.
Living Room: Despite Apple’s policy of not talking about products pre-launch, Jobs pulls out the stops with a first look at something code-named iTV that will allow distribution from PC to TV. Looks like a cross between an ethernet hub and a Mac iPod mini. No power brick. Connections include HDMI, Ethernet, USB 2 and — tah dah — WiFi. The audience gets a look at The Incredibles in HD via a working prototype.
— The iTunes store and the Apple are still closed as I type this.
From my perspective, the living room solution is the most intriguing announcement assuming it delivers. Seems to me that the biggest disappointment may be the lack of widescreen iPod. What do you think? Was this worth the hype? Does it change the game? Is this movie download nirvana? The comment space is yours.
Update: If you’re willing to go through the contortions of the latest Quicktime install process, you can watch the replay.

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