Waiting For Steve: The Countdown To iAnnounce Tuesday; Dancing With Disney


Whether Sept. 12 will be another milestone in Appledom remains to be seen but that lack of concrete info isn’t stopping the usual rash of predictions, rumors and wishful thinking. This time, it seems to be aided by deliberate leaks from Apple; for instance, the company executives hinting that CEO Steve Jobs has more than a new iPod, a movie service or an iPhone to announce — most likely, something in the realm of digital convergance, perhaps wireless video.
How Will Apple’s Marketing Maestro Marry the Computer and the Home TV?: “A distribution deal with the Walt Disney Company and sleeker, higher-capacity video iPods are part of the consensus among those who handicap Apple product announcements. But company executives have hinted that Apple has at least one bigger idea on tap. Mr. Jobs needs one.”
iMockups: A gallery of possible products — iPhone, streaming wireless base station, new video form factors — pulled together by Wired.

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