Showtime with Apple


There is a lot of chatter about what Apple is going to announce tomorrow at its big “Showtime” event. Since ThinkSecret has not had an update, I am giving all rumors an equal chance of coming true. Given that readers have shown amazing astuteness when it comes to predicting things, I am putting it all in your hands. Go ahead have your say – you answer will help me write my next post, which is about Apple and its impact on broadband infrastructure, and what it means for demand for even higher speed connections.


Hitesh Parashar

This is the magic of Mr Jobs. A lot of people are so anxious – they will not be able to sleep tonight.

I vote for a refreshed ipod (may be touch screen too), movie downloads and a new video-enabled streaming device (Airport Express). And one more thing …


Voting for Movie Store, new video iPod and Video Airport Express. Outside chance: FrontRow for Windows.


I think the real story is how Apple can create all this buz. Several times a year they gleam millions of dollars of attention and media. Its like… Mr. Job’s “reality distortion field” on Barry Bond’s steroids. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Gates is envious of this.

Shai Shefer

I think Apple could also be refreshing their display line, but we’ll see.

Nick Hawkins

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there will be disappointment whatever happens. Showtime only seems for certain.

A new iPod might be nice but am not sure. Perhaps a bump in the product line memory-wise will happen to them. I mean, it has to happen eventually, but I am not holding my breath.

Other than that, I don’t know.

Jacob Varghese

If Apple doesn’t offer a movie subscription service, I doubt we’ll see this making a major impact.

Who wants to pay for movie downloads that offer less features than DVDs (subtitles, commentary, deleted scenes…) at only a slight discount?

I think the main users will probably be parents who want to download videos for their kids. They won’t care about extra features.

Matt Liotta

Apple will surely introduce LCD TVs to go along with their new video products. HP and Dell already sell LCD TVs, so Apple needs to answer with something new and different.


Netflix DVD rip rent return .

If your on a 3 out plan and return a Movie every day you can get yourself a nice collection of DVDs .

With a Video Download its restricted to hell that you can only play via your PC .If its a rental you have to view it within 30 days for a 24 hour viewing window becuse the Studios have set up contracts with HBO,Starz and the real Showtime that limit competion .

A movie download rental is considered to be a Pay Per View sale and is the main reason Netflix pulled thier Download service last year .

Starz has its Vongo service that provides a subscription to subscribers.


Apple sold all their shares in Akamai over the past few years. But there could be a Google connection given all that dark Google fiber …

By the way, I think the first two choices are a lock, but the third is a no-go for tomorrow (but a yes for maybe next week). But you didn’t give me that choice, so I only voted for #2.

Mark Howard

Remember last year was the “year of HD”? I believe that there not only will be a video download service, but that it will be High-Def with the tivo-like video express component for everyone’s new HD tv’s. Hmmm… wait 4 hours for HD video download vs. 2 days for Netflix DVD?

Gerald Buckley

Mr. Malik –

Hope you find some good background on Apple’s position in Akamai for your upcoming post. Last I heard they were a major shareholder… and can’t for the life of me figure out how they’re going to do what they seem to be intent on without Akamai and Bittorrent.

Will also be interested to see how their new VERY LARGE facility in California plays into tomorrows announcements.

Gerald in Tulsa

Mike Rundle

I think that eclipse statement was the funniest thing I’ve read on a blog in a long time!

Instead of predicting what will happen, I like to predict what won’t happen:

  • Cellphone (unfortunately, man I want an Apple phone)
  • New Mac mini computer
  • Apple PDA

So that leaves a movie download service and updated iPods with some type of video streaming ability. Prove me wrong!

Michael Markman

If Apple calls its download service Showtime, will that entitle Apple’s lawyers to send emails to Showtime Networks, Inc. asking them to stop infringing on an Apple trademark?

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