Nobody would buy an Apple Tablet PC? Say what?

Apple_20Tablet.jpgThat’s what Jason O’Grady wonders at the tail end of an Apple Core post. Jason places his bets on different guesses for tomorrows Apple event; we did the same last week. I’d expect that some of Jason’s ideas are closer to the mark now that he’s got the “It’s Showtime” theme to work from.

About that last comment though, Jason wraps up his post with: “I’d love to see a tablet Mac, but I’m not sure if anyone else would actually buy one, so chances are pretty slim“. Oh Jason! We might be heavy Windows users, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to ink on the forbidden fruit! I would love to add a Mac-powered device to my stable, but I can’t justify it without tablet features. You folks have indicated interest in a Mac tablet too: the real question now is: why? And yes, we know the pic is a fake. ;)


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