@MES: The Mobile Threat To Broadcasters

I just had lunch beside Paul Rich, CEO of Bennett Media, which produces content based on extreme sports and sexy women that it sells to broadcasters. It’s not on mobile yet — Paul is here to work out how to get it on mobiles as part of a new media strategy, the ulitmate goal of which is to start its own network. The idea is to use mobile, internet, Google video and everything to cross-promote, and to release free videos for users to pass around and recommend as part of a promotional effort. This fits in with my suspician that the trend of content producers (such as Bennett, or wire services) to launch D2C products is a threat to broadcasters, which goes further since Bennett seeks to use the new media to launch its own network. That being said, the panel on mobile TV came up with a different conclusion, I’ll put that up as soon as I write it.
As an aside Paul is looking at finding someone to do a blog for his network, to follow the production crew around the world to extreme sport events and model shoots, write a blog about it to generate a following and maybe help with the production…they’d need to be a good writer, of course. Sounds like a dream job…maybe five years ago but not now that I’m married.
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