Melbourne's plasq: Virtual Office Excellence


Design and interface are two elements of applications that I’ve often been told would suffer in the absence of the close-knit contact of a traditional office. But according to this interview with Dustin Bachrach of The Apple Blog, Cris Pearson and Keith Lang of plasq offer a look at an alternative workspace and development philosophy that’s resulted in some seriously sexy Mac apps like Comic Life and Rax 2.

Thanks for taking the time for this interview. Where are you guys based and what are your roles at plasq?

Cris: We are both in Melbourne, Australia. plasq is a virtual office company with 7 plasqers in total, spread around the globe. We all work from home and collaborate using tools such as a Wiki, Skype (for text chat, not voice usually), TRAC for bug and task tracking, and an upcoming collaboration tool that has been on the drawing board for over 3 years (before plasq!). My roles are User Interface and Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Web Design and CEO.


virtual office dweller

Sometimes I think I use the term ,a hef=””>virtual office differently than others. I use it to talk about space available as I need it, not as a set of tools that let people working from home share a work environment. Or have I got it wrong, are you talking about the same thing?

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