iVillage’s Central To NBCU’s Strategy; CNBC.com’s Relaunch As Sub Site

Most of our regular readers will know bits and pieces of this: iVillage will be the central hub of NBC Universal’s digital media strategy, NBCU CEO Bob Wright told FT. The hope is to get online revenues five-fold by 2009.
The strategy includes the relaunch of iVillage, which attracts about 15 million users a month, and will add video and community tools. It will work for synergies between Today Show and iVillage.
Also NBC has been planning launching a broadband subscription service for CNBC (they have been hiring through our Digital Media Jobs blog). The site will charge subscriptions for access to all interviews and features run on the cable channel, as well as real-time charts and a search engine. Will be launched in U.S. by year end and then internationally.
Jemima adds: Analysts mentioned in this piece put NBCU’s digital revenues at $1 billion by 2009.
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