Invaluable US Airport WiFi Guide


Davenetics‘ Dave Pell passed along this link to a guide with listings for the wifi offered at 134 airports across the country. Would have come in handy yesterday on my way from Oakland (Sprint PCS, $9.95 daily) to Seattle (AT&T and Wayport, $7.95 and $6.95 respectively). Only five of the top twenty airports have free offerings (Vegas, JFK, Boston, Phoenix and Orlando), though it’s not surprising that you’ll have to pay the same premium for WiFi that you would for anything else they sell to the captive audience behind the security line. Makes paying for alirline club room access look like a bargain.


Peter Pava.

There is another site with airport wifi guide that is similar to the one on it is from I like the latter one a bit better because it has wifi service ratings, link to airport terminal map and I see that the information is more up to date than the one on Try it out for yourself. By the way why can’t airport offer wifi service free to their customers??

Paul Stamatiou

What they don’t tell you is that if you sit near the Continental Premium Members club (not sure what the official name is) in Atlanta or Houston, you can get a free connection. Last I checked was 3-4 months ago, it’s possible it has been fixed by now though.


At ATL in the international Delta terminal, there’s a restaurant corner that has tables with power plugs. There’s free Wifi available at a good speed (I could perfectly use Skype and VoipBuster)

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