Freewares of the moment: Homeland Security threat level indicators

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hs_chart.jpgCall this a sentimental pick. Perhaps I’m just disappointed that I saw not one American flag on my way in to work today. I’m not trying to get all political here, just trying to raise awareness of today’s significance around the world; not just in my backyard. Like I said up front: call this a sentimental pick; I know full well folks are unlikely to download either of these freewares. The goal is to provoke your internal thoughts and offer a kind, warm wish for those in the community around you.

Homeland Security Threat Monitor: runs in your Windows tray
Code Orange 2004: runs on your Palm device

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Yes, for all the sentiment of yesterday, that didn’t stop no fewer than three drivers from cutting me off on the road in their SUVs, all three of which had stickers for Support Our Troops,” “God Bless America,” and “Power of Pride.”

Actually, I downloaded the threat level indicator some time back, but became disenchanted when it never changed (was always “High” or “Severe.” I felt as though I _should_ be scared about something, but wasn’t quite sure, so I removed it.

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