Bubble Motion Gets $10 Million Funding From Sequoia Capital US & India


Bubble Motion, probably among the first voice SMS providers, has secured $10 million in second round from Sequoia Capital US and India combined. The mobile messaging technology company, headquartered in Singapore, will use the funds to enhance research and development of BubbleTalk, its flagship product.
From its website: BubbleTalk is a “Click, Talk and Send” asynchronous Short Voice Messaging Service (SVMS) that works across operators and networks. This is a talk and listen messaging alternative to the ‘type and read’ text messaging service provided by SMS.” Gaurav Garg, partner at Sequoia US, will join the board of the company.
Rafat adds: Think of it as a cross carrier PTT. Of course, mobile voice IM (are there any implementation examples of this?) could also do the same thing.
An earlier article in Wall Street Journal (under sub. wall) adds: The technology was developed in Bangalore, by cofounders Sunil Coushik and his partner (Venu Sriperumal). The technology uses service providers’ idle phone capacity. “It is a potentially hot product for wireless-service providers in developing countries and could make inroads in places where people haven’t quite gotten the hang of tapping out text messages with their thumbs on a cellphone keypad.”
Bubble Motion recently shifted its HQ to the US from Singapore.

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