Brando’s mini Bluetooth keyboard


Minibluetoothkeyboard1_1Brando’s latest Bluetooth keyboard is "mini" indeed. Upon folding the keyboard up, you’re left with a thin carry-around that’s only 3.7-inches wide. At only 3 ounces, you won’t even feel the weight of this in your gadget bag. Brando states that the keyboard will work with Palm-devices, Pocket PC / Windows Mobile and standard PCs as well. Just from the looks of the small keys that don’t appear to travel much, this unit seems more suited to the first two devices in the support list. The small, short keys don’t appear to be for hammering out long diatribes, but for $56 direct, the keyboard could add faster typing capabilities for short notes, contacts and the like.

(via Gizmodo)



Those chiclet style keys will drive touch typists up the wall. Plus that added space down the middle of the keyboard. It’s a nice concept but I don’t think you can type very fast on that keyboard.

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